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Inter-association Leadership Education Collaborative (ILEC)

The Inter-Association Leadership Education Collaborative (ILEC) represents eight professional organizations, including ALE, committed to the advancement of leadership education teaching, research, and professional practice within higher education institutions.
We support the advancement of the academic discipline of leadership studies, with a specific emphasis on leadership education research and practice within higher education. We advocate for the intentional design, development, and integration of leadership theory and practice into courses, programs, and educational experiences across all institutional and organizational functions.
Contemporary leadership education research and practice is situated across undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools and through community and organizational partnerships. Represented in the work of both academic affairs faculty and student development professionals, access to leadership education programs in all contexts should be inclusive in nature. While this document is focused on the work of leadership educators within the higher education setting, we also recognize that leadership education happens both in formal and informal spaces outside of higher education.
As ILEC members, we have worked together to find common ground among our various perspectives, and we acknowledge there are many more. What has emerged is a set of propositions in pursuit of a disciplinary revolution that challenges our field
to reconsider our thinking, attitudes, and behaviors. This is an invitation to all who engage in the work of leadership education to consider: What is required of us to collectively build capacity of leadership learners to resoundingly answer the question, “Leadership for what purpose?”

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